Lanterns Foundation

After the 2014 Feast of Lanterns was canceled due to severe thunderstorms, the future of the well-loved and historic festival was unclear. When the 2014 hosting organization declined to hold the event in 2015, Lanterns Foundation was formed almost overnight. Three neighbors and former Windsor Park board members worked tirelessly to preserve the historic and well-loved Feast of Lanterns for 2015 and after a very successful festival, the organization continues to grow. Yearly, talented neighbors with a passion for the Feast of Lanterns and the community, arts, music and culture join together to organize this family-friendly festival. 

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and hosting of Feast of Lanterns and the continued improvement of Spades Park.

Our Team


Martha Latta
Founder / Co-Executive Director

Martha Latta first experienced the joy of the lanterns lighting at dusk during the Feast of Lanterns in 2004 as a new resident of Indianapolis. When she and her husband began searching for a home, Windsor Park and the Near East Side seemed like the perfect fit. She and her husband Mark moved into their home in late August 2007, and it felt like Feast of Lanterns was the welcome home party. For the last 12 years, Martha has been a member of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association and helped to start the Windsor Park Block Party. She is the KIB Adopt-a-Block Captain for Windsor Street, and has hosted several events including community breakfasts & clean ups, chili cook-offs, and holiday caroling parties. As Secretary for WPNA, Martha was part of the board acquisition of Fletcher Park and the grants that helped add sculpture, decorative fencing, a native flower garden, and fire pit to Fletcher Park. In 2017 Martha was awarded the Chuck Coleman Service Award for Outstanding Efforts Volunteered in Service Toward Windsor Park. 

Additionally, Martha is vendor at the Feast of Lanterns, and had been since 2008. She owns and operates the Sunday Afternoon Housewife brand that creates state pride and social justice tee shirts and accessories. She launched her tee shirt brand at the Feast of Lanterns when she created 46201, 46202, and East Side Pride tees. She founded Handmade Promenade in 2010 and took over production of the Naplab Neighborhoods of Indianapolis Map in 2015.  In Late 2019, Martha will be opening a new retail store and studio in her Windsor Park neighborhood.


David Hedrick
Founder / Co-Executive Director

David moved to the Near-Eastside in 2008. Feast of Lanterns, as well as other projects in the area, inspired him to get more involved in the neighborhood and community. He has worked on many notable community events and projects including the Payne Connect10n, Reconnecting to our Waterways charette, and the Windsor Park Gateway. He later became president of the Windsor Park Neighborhood Association where he and his neighbors acquired and revitalized the historic Fletcher Park. He also helped create the first Windsor Park Beer Garden at the Feast of Lanterns.

After briefly moving out of state for work, he and his family returned in 2015 when he helped create Lanterns Foundation with two of his closest friends. The goal: to host and preserve the Feast of Lanterns and revitalize Spades Park. Despite not living in Windsor Park any longer, David, his wife Heidi, and their two favorite Near-Eastside creations Liam and Cecelia, enjoy spending time in their home neighborhoods and parks.


Andrew Frye
Founder / Co-Executive Director

Andrew and his wife Stacey found the Near Eastside in late 2012 and it immediately felt like home. They spent the next couple of years volunteering in the neighborhood, including Windsor Park's presence at Feast of Lanterns. As their family outgrew their home in Windsor Park, they moved to St. Clair Place where he also took an active role in contributing to neighborhood efforts.

When he and his friends were discussing the possibility of organizing to take up Feast, he remembered his daughter's face the first time she saw the lanterns light up and he was all in. Feast played an important role in showcasing the best of the Near Eastside to him and his family, and he wants that to be the case for everyone who attends.


Samantha Rhodes
Communications Director

Samantha moved to Indy as an AmeriCorps VISTA at DayStar Childcare in the Englewood neighborhood. She started with Feast of Lanterns in 2017 as a volunteer the day of the event, and wanted to be more involved in the community. She contacted Lanterns Foundation and helped pilot an intern program for them in 2018, and now serves as the Communications Director.

Her favorite part about Feast is seeing all of the community come together to enjoy the day, “It's incredible how many people volunteer their time to help make the day magical.” Fun facts: I am a 9 on the Enneagram, I am the middle of three sisters, I love condiments. 


Christy Cashin
Sponsorship & Event Coordinator

Christy Cashin has lived in the Cottage Home neighborhood since 2012. She's been an active member off the Cottage Home Neighborhood Association since 2013, serving on the board and several committees throughout the years. She lovingly chaired the of the Cottage Home Block Party committee for five years before joining the Feast of Lanterns team and is excited to continue volunteering in and for the Near Eastside community. 


Kaitlyn Best
Volunteer Coordinator

Our intern for the 2019 Feast of Lanterns, Kaitlyn manages the volunteers needed and tasks required the weekend of the event. She also assists with marketing and communications, and event administration.

She has been in Indy for two years and lives and works on the East side, so it’s a lot of fun to be involved with something related to the community she spends so much time in!”